About Axiom Mortgage Solutions

Meet Josh Tagg, your Ottawa mortgage broker at Axiom Mortgage Solutions

I have been licensed with the same brokerage since I started in 2006, and I provide stability and professional expertise to my clients.

As a Ottawa Mortgage Broker I have arranged hundreds of millions of dollars of mortgage financing for my clients. Using me as your Ottawa Mortgage Broker is a free service and will make sure you are getting the best mortgage rate and terms available. There is no need to wait for the bank to set an appointment only to offer you a rate that is not the best they can do. My clients get the best rates available to their situation every time – not just those who are “preferred clients”. Many times even preferred bank clients such as those with “Private Banking” call me and I get them a better rate than their private banker can do for them.

I believe in educating my clients so they know what they are doing. There are some low rates out there that come with high penalties or other restrictive exit clauses should you try to break your mortgage early. Some products do not allow you to port your mortgage should you move before your term is up. My role is to inform you of the differences so that you choose what is right for you – not just to make a quick commission and move to the next client. Many of my clients call me back every time they need a mortgage because they know that I have helped them make the right choices for them.

After working with me you will be confident about the mortgage and lender you have chosen. Buying a house and getting a mortgage is one of the largest financial investments you will make in your life. I will help make this experience enjoyable and make sure you are getting the best mortgage. I have lived in Ottawa most of my life and I know this city and know how business is done here. You will benefit from my local experience and knowledge.

Check out the testimonials to see what my clients think of the service of working with me. When you are ready to purchase your home or refinance your mortgage, contact Josh Tagg and his team of experienced mortgage brokers at Axiom Mortgage Solutions for all your Ottawa mortgage needs.